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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Find the Best Day for Cheap Flights with Google Flights

You don't know when your plan for a budget traveling may turn into an expensive vacation. A flight you were thinking to get at a low price has turned into a costly matter. Unless you don't know how to search and book a cheap flight, this is going to be an issue. For this, you know Google Flights is probably a good option and there are many other ways of getting cheap flights. These ways includes the following tips which you can consider before choosing any cheap flight. Lets have a look:

Google Flights
Cheap Flights with Google Flights

1.   Book at least Seven Weeks in Advance - The earlier you book, the less you pay. According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation, you pay at least 10% less than the average price, when you book your flight prior 50 days or more. They had examined the data of ticket sales from online travel and corporate booking agencies. While this indicates merely a trend, but the approach is good.
2.   Which Days are Cheapest to Fly -  Can you guess the days in a week to fly out at cheapest rates. Well according to study, those days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays. Weekdays are generally less expensive than weekends. The reason behind it is simple. On weekends people take more flights, thus increasing the prices. While these days are the cheapest, Fridays & Sundays happen to be the most expensive days to travel.
3.  Free Fare Alerts - This is a very easy thing to do. However, it has its own benefits. When you set an alert, you receive the latest updates on your flights. Google Flights have this option. When you set it for specific routes and dates, you will receive the alerts.  So, use them to get the latest alert for your next booking.
4. Fly Out in the Morning - If you look carefully, you will notice the cheapest flights are scheduled in the morning. No exact reason has been put out for it. So, when you are looking for cheap trips on Google Flights, see if it is in the morning.

I hope you will consider these tips before you book any flight and save a lot of money.

And if you have experienced any other tip for cheap flight booking, do let us know and share with us here in the comment section.

Monday, 2 September 2019

4 Ways to Use Google Flights to Save Money

Booking a flight is a travelers nightmare. How we know that? We know it through the e-mails we get form the travelers, talking about the process of flight booking and the high Pricing. Generally they do not know whether a airfare mentioned on the website is really a cheap flight deal or not? As soon as they look on to other websites, either the airfare is really high or sometimes really down. So, to the clear view on this matter, we are going to tell you some tips about Google Flights, which you can use to determine whether the flight deal is really cheap or not.

These four ways are:
       Price Tips
       Setting Fare Alerts
       Choosing Routes

Google flights
Google Flights By Google

Price Tips:
Google Flights aggregate flight prices. It means it does not give offers on its own. Instead, collects them from the sources around the world. These sources are Airlines and their travel partners. When you are on the airline's website, it shows a short note. It tells whether the price is low or high.

Setting Fare Alert:
This is one of the easiest ways to save money on your next flight. When you are searching for flights on Google Flights, there you can see the option of fare alerts. Do it; they will send you new  price alerts every time, when  there is a change in it. The only condition  to receive these updates is to have a Gmail account.

Choosing Routes:
Well this is not an exact way of saving money, but visiting a place without spending another dime. When you are browsing your trip, look for what other destination you can visit via airport feature. It will tell you what other airports have cheap airfare. So if they are cheap than your primary airports, choose it. Otherwise it's fine. Like we said before, you don't have to spend your money.
Here is the most excellent tip we are going to give you in Google Flights. If you are willing to go anywhere in the world, then this is an option for you. It is called Explore destination feature. Go to the website, there choose your Departure city, then click on the map. You will see various destinations to explore.

So, try these four options to save your money and book your ticket without any hassle and feel free from nightmares of flight booking.

Friday, 30 August 2019

See What Packages Feature of Google Flights Offers You?

When you are planning for a holiday, the process is lengthy. First you choose the destination, then you search for flights and many other things. If you have decided to stay in a hotel, then you need to book it as well. So overall it's a long process. However, there is always a solution to every problem.  So, if you are looking to book everything in one step, you should check out Google Flights Packages feature where you can book flight and hotel combined.

It's straightforward to use and there are options for every kind of traveler & budget. We are going to explain it to you so that you can use it next time without any problem.

Exploring the Packages Option:

We are talking about ‘Packages’ feature. You can access it on Google Flight from the menu. We are going to take an example to explain it. Let’s say you are living in Las Vegas. Now you want to take a trip to ‘Los Angeles.’ The dates are between Sep 12 and Sep 19, 2019. You go to Google Flight website. There you go to Packages. Now you enter Las Vegas in the Departure option and Los Angeles in the Arrival option. The number of travelers is two.

Google Flights
Packages by Google Flights
Now on the screen, you will see various filters. There are the filters for flight and hotel both. For example there is guest rating of the hotel and airline list. You will see the list of the hotel; besides it, you will know the name of airlines. You can filter out many things here.

You will see the hotels name, what service they offer you. When you click on an item, on the next page everything will be detailed out. Location of hotel, timing of the flight. What amenities you will get while staying there etc.

Let's say for this trip; you choose The Westin Bonaventure Hotel. You click on it, on the next page, you will see the real reviews from real people who have stayed there.

So, you can book the entire package from here. You only have to worry about visiting famous places in the city. Which is also quiet friendly explained by Google Flights. You can find various places using the Explore function.

Now there is a price bar; you can adjust it as per your wish. While you are booking it, don't forget to say thanks to Google Flights.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Still in Los Angeles? Find Your Next Trip with Google Flights

While thinking of a trip to foreign country, many people get headaches. They are confused about the dates, the deal and how we get to know about famous places in those countries? Well, for the people of Los Angeles we might have found the solution with Google Flights

We found some low price flight deals on it. They are cheap, have various locations with different dates. So, you can choose among them. We are sure you are going to love these destinations which we have found out. 

How to Find these Deals on Google Flights:

So, let's get started. Open a new tab in your browser. Go to a search engine, from there go to Google Flights official website. On the website, you will see the flight search page. Type ‘Los Angeles’ In the Departure option, then click on search. Don’t worry about dates or any place right now?  

Google Flights
Google Flights for Los Angeles

Now, you are going to see various places. However, they do not include the deal we want to show you. So, first, zoom out the map on the right side. Move the map over to Australia. Now go to Date options. There choose flexible date option, then select the month of ‘October.’ 

When you click on 'Done,' the list is updated, you are going to see some amazing destinations with low airfares. Some of those places are Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Beijing. There are many other too, but we wanted to tell you the famous one first. The dates are different so that you can plan as per choice. When you choose any destination, you are going to see various airlines. 

Now, this is the process of finding these trips from Los Angeles. However, many of you want to know about a place before you go there. So to get the information you can take the help of Google Flights explorer feature. Access it from the menu. It will give you all the info you need about tourist attractions in the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Book the flight and start preparing for your next adventure while saying a thank you to Google Flights. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Travel from Atlanta to Miami – Hot Deal from Google Flights

There are so many festivals lined up in Miami this September, 2019. The whole City will celebrate, you should join them in their celebration. So if you are planning a journey from Atlanta to Miami, Then Google Flights is offering you delightful deals.

You may know the dates & how much you will save on this trip? Moreover, in case you do not know anything about Travel Miami, don’t worry. There is a feature in Google Flights, which will help you to know more about attractions in Miami. Now let’s get started.

Lets Get to Know About the Deal:

The first step you need to do is to visit Google Flights official website. On the website, you can see the search interface — type ‘Atlanta’ In the Departure option. Then click on search. When you click on it, you will see the list of all destinations, but there are no deals for Miami right now. To get the deal, we need to do one more thing.

Google Flights
Atlanta to Miami by Google Flights Search

Go to the Dates option, which you will find in the upper part. There, choose Flexible dates, then from Month ‘September.’ When you apply it by clicking on Done, the list of Destinations will be updated.

It will show many locations but since our focus is on Miami. We will choose it. You can instantly see two things. The date is between 8th September & 17th September, 2019. The price of this trip is around $92, which is really less. The standard airfare would be about $150. So, you are getting a really good & hot deal.

When you click on it, you can see the flight price is quite cheap in compare to other airlines. There are Frontier Airlines Reservations, Delta Airlines Reservations, and American Airlines Reservations. But only Frontier Airline is giving you this low price.

But Frontier Airlines does not have baggage fee included. It could be a problem if you have many bags. Try to keep you baggage to minimum.

To book the tickets, click on the airline.  If you want to know about the City, you can use the Explore option of Google Flights. 

Monday, 26 August 2019

Exciting Vacation Deals for Seattle from Google Flights

If you live in Seattle, then you should feel lucky. Because we have found some exciting flight deals for you on Google Flights. They are offering you deals for Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Phoenix & Boston. You can take a solo vacation or take your family with you, both are really good options.

You need to follow the steps we are going to describe below and soon you will have to decide where you want to go for your holiday. It's better to have multiple destinations for your next trip.

Getting the Deals on Google Flights?

As we said, you need to follow the steps we are going to describe to get the deals. Open your Computer or Smart Phone, then go to Google Flights official website. On the website, you will see the search interface. Type ‘Seattle’ in the Departure box then hit search.  Do not think about the date or the final destination.

Google Flights
Deals for Seattle Google Flights

When you hit on search, a next page get load. On it, you can see the list of places from Seattle. However, since we need the deals,we are going to take a different approach to it. Go to the dates option, in there, choose flexible dates, then click on done.

Now you will see the deals with various destinations. They are Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, and Boston. Every one of these represents a part of American culture. All the dates are in winter.

For Example if we see the Los Angeles details. The dates are between 7th December to 14th December, 2019 which is almost near Christmas. The flight would take around five hours to get from one place to another. The standard airfare for this route would be about $250, but you are getting it only at $127.

If you are not able to find these deals on Google Flights, move the map to update the locations. Click on a destination to see the airlines and all the details regarding booking. We are sure; you are going to enjoy your deals for Seattle!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Why the Hotel Option of Google Flights is Best Among its Competitors?

You may be wandering about this question because you may be thinking Google Flights is a website for searching flights. However, trust us, it is one of the most elegant platforms to look for a hotel. The interface is so clean, even someone who is using it for the first time can get around it.

However, this blog is for both users, who are using it for some time or the complete beginner. We are sure after reading it, you won't use Google Flights only for flights, but for hotel booking as well. Now we should begin.

Using the Hotels Option in Google Flights

Accessing it is easy. There are two ways of doing it. First is through Google Search Engine. When you type a name of place with hotel booking, you can access the booking portal directly from there. Click on View Hotel in below to visit the page.

Google Flights
Hotels by Google Flights

The second way is to visit the Google Flights website. You can see the Hotel option from the menu. You need to enter the name of the Place, then Dates. Lastly, enter the Number of Guests.There are many filters to use. You can start by choosing a Price Range. Then there is Guest Rating, Brands and the Hotel Class.

If you want to see the Deals on Hotels, click on ‘More Filters’ there is an option of Just Deals Option. Click on it. Now Google Flights will show you only those hotels, which are having deals in your chosen date.

If you want a specific service in the hotel, use the amenities filter. It has options like Fitness Center, Bar and Pet-Friendly environment. Now, we will focus on Hotel details.

Google Flights have given five different options. They are Overview, Prices, Reviews, Photos, and Locations. In Overview you can the Official Hotel’s Website, what are the directions, etc. Since Google Flights are only an aggregator, you will find various third party booking sites to book. In prices, you can see the cost and compare them.

There are reviews from people who have already stayed there. So, before you book it, you can have an idea about it.

So, that’s it. We are sure it will help you when you want to book a Hotel next time. Do not forget to say thanks to Google Flights.

Find the Best Day for Cheap Flights with Google Flights

You don't know when your plan for a budget traveling may turn into an expensive vacation. A flight you were thinking to get at a low pri...