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Friday, 28 June 2019

Great Deals on Google Flights for San Diego

Google Flights never cease to amaze us. It the perfect flight search engine for finding affordable tickets. In our effort to bring you excellent deals for your holiday, today we are bringing you a fantastic deal on Google flights.

This deal will cost you as little as $111 for one way trip from New York to San Diego. If you want to travel alone or with your family, you get the deal. The dates for this deal are between August and September.

Now, Lets see how you can avail the deal.

How to Get the San Diego Deal

To get the deal, you need to go to Google Flights Search. On the homepage, fill all the necessary information there. The departure and arrival cities, The dates should be between August and September to the best prices.

Try the last days of August and mid-September to get the lowest prices. When you filled the number of passengers, choose the class, Then hit the search. Now we can not specify the airlines, because it change, there are many factors involved in it.  

Now Google Flights will give you many lists of flights, select the cheapest one, then, how much there will be an additional cost, let's say for baggage, so update the baggage settings also.

Now, you have put all the necessary there. Select your flight; Google Flights will redirect you the flight booking website, and book the tickets.

Now we have told you step by step to booking the tickets.

If you want to get deals on hotels, you can do so Google flights.

Things to do in San Diego

There are many great things you can do there.  You can visit Balboa Park, which is about two miles from the city center to the north downtown San Diego.

BalBoa Park

Its a 1200 acre park so that you won't get bored with it. If you want to hit the beaches, you can go to the Pacific and the Mission beach. They are the famous one.

If your kids like history, visit Gaslamp Quarter. This place is filled with Victorian-style building, which will make your kids wonder.

We hope you will like the blog.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Two Budget Friendly Destinations to Travel

Travelling provides us a unique experience about the world. We learn about different cultures, values and explore things which are not common in our native country.

However, it's expensive, the prices of hotels, the cost of flight tickets will affect your budget. So here are 3 locations, which will not cost you much while you enjoy your holidays. Check the prices with Google Flights to get cheap bookings.

Portugal - Home of Vasco Da Gama

If you are feeling surprised, do not be. Portugal won't cost you much while giving you a unique experience of history and culture. It's past it a proud part of human history.

The best time to visit Portugal actually depends upon your time of visiting.  You can get cheap tickets to Portugal on Google Flights.

When you finally reach Portugal, you can visit Algarve, a place where beaches and hidden caves meet. There are around 150 beaches in Algarve, where you sit and relax with your loved ones or if you Indiana Jones in you. Visit the hidden caves to explore history. Who knows you may discover something extraordinary in history.  

If you are not a fan of beaches,  you can visit the oldest bookstore in human history Livraria Bertrand in Lisbon.

We hope you will enjoy the trip.

Find the Cheapest Tickets to Portugal with Google Flights Search


A country in South America, Colombia never stops to surprise you. Lush green mountain and years old building, you will feel like traveling back in time.  You get meals in larger cities at $15-$20.
When you land in Colombia, Visit Cartagena, the Crown Jewel of Colombia, color architecture, colonial vibes will give you goosebumps.

If you want to visit another city in Colombia, check out Medellin. Yes, it is the same city describes as one of the most dangerous cities in the world around 20 years ago.  When cable Escobar was here in Medellin. However, since his demise, the city has bounced back. It even has a nickname ‘city of eternal spring.’

So if you are planning to travel, these two countries should be on your list. Do not forget to check Google Flights for low prices for these two countries. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

How Good is Google Flights?

There are many flights search engine on the internet. Some of them are good, some of them are really. In those flights search engine, there is a name called Google Flights.

Google flights were launched way back in 2011, aiming to revolutionize to the ticket booking of airlines.

Since then, Google Flight is getting regular updates to stay in the competition.

Find Out if Google Flights are Any Good

Choosing a flight has become a complex process these days. As soon as you start searching, you start getting offers and discounts. It has become like a mystery; that you need to solve to get the best offers on your traveling plans.

There are many aspects to choose when you select an airline to fly. To get the real cost, there are many things to consider, like baggage fees, early check-in, rewards.

These things need to be considered to get an evaluated price.

How Google Flights Work   

Go to Google Flights Search, type in all the required details, like the numbers of passengers, class, departure and arrival cities, dates, etc.

Hit on search. You get all the results there in one place. From the lowest price to best deal an airline is offered. If you have used Orbitz will know, they provide an option of plus-minus three days to travel.

Google travel also gives travelling tips if you want to use it.  For example, you are going to return to specific date, but possibly if you like to return the next day for a better price, Google Flights will suggest the option.

Is it Any Good?

When you look at other flight search engines, they offer similar features, but in some features, Google Flights Search are far ahead, like Price Graph. When you are searching for flights, you can see the figures, when prices gone down, when they are rising?

Another feature of Google Flights is unique, suggestions of Nearby Airports.  When you select the cities to travel, if they have multiple airports, Google Flights suggests moving your airport to another location for lower prices.

Another good thing about it, you can track prices of flights on check without wasting your time.

So, based on these features, we say Google Flights is an excellent option for searching for flights tickets online

Monday, 24 June 2019

Find Plane Tickets on Google Flights & Comparing with Expedia

Find Plane Tickets on Google Flights & Comparing with Expedia

Booking a plane ticket has become a tough thing these days.  There are hundreds and hundreds of platforms to compare the prices. Then there are travel agents, who promise you to get a good deal. However, what if we see for ourselves, how are we doing things.
So today, we will compare two major search engines for flights tickets.

Lets Begin.

We are comparing Google flights with Expedia.  The destination is from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The dates are from 07 July 2019 to 10 July 2019.

To open Google Flights, Go to and search Google Flights. Click on Google Flights to begin. Follow the same for, the number of passengers is one, and the class is the economy.  The trip is a round trip. The currency, we will use it is going to be an Indian currency. You can change when you begin your search.  
We begin the search. The results came as follows.

As we see in the result of this trip, The Google Flight gives us the lowest price of Rs12995, which is almost equal to $187 whereas Expedia gives up a cost of $199. When we do the math, id we book right now from Google Flight, we save up to $12. It is not much, but still Google Flights give us a cheap flight.

Advance Features in Both Flight Search Engine

Both Google and Expedia provide you plenty of option to filter your results to choose a flight according to your needs.  For example, they have stopped; airlines included arrival time, departure time.

However, here, Google Flights offer something extra which Expedia does not have. Its the price graph which Google Flights provide to get an overview of prices.

As this flight is set up for three days. Google flights give us a pretty good idea, what might be the price for the next few days. If the prices are down, you can change the travel schedule to get a much better deal.

Airport Adds Option

It's not just price graph; Google Flight gives you the option to add nearby airport in your travel. This way, you can add multiple cities. If you are planning a multi tour city.

Exploring the option on Expedia.

It's not that, Expedia is behind Google Flights. Google flight just has more simple features. As soon as I select the flights. On the return flight, it gave little detail of airlines benefits.

As you can see, for the return I am getting delta airlines recommendations. Below I get the list of benefits. Like seat choices, hand baggage, and many things.

So, what does this little comparison tell us, Both are good, but Google flights have merely more features than Expedia. I am hence making it a winner.

How to book a ticket from Google flights
Since we have come this far. Let's check out how to book the ticket from Google flights.
1. Fill all the details in Google flights, like this.

2. Click on search. You will get a result similar to this.

Now, click on the results, when you click,  a list of option will help come. Select your airlines; then another opportunity will come. Click on select; it will take your airlines website, pay, and tickets will get booked. 

Friday, 21 June 2019

How Do I Set Up Google Alerts for Cheap Flights?

If you are planning to fly somewhere in the future and you are looking for cheap tickets for different airlines; then it becomes a nightmare to find a reasonable flight ticket within your budget. You are continuously watching over the prices to go down; then there is the issue of the airport. What if the low price is not from your airport but a different near city.

All the problems and worries regarding finding cheap flights are over with Google flights alerts. It is a perfect way of monitoring the price tickets without looking over your shoulder. Google flights give you the option to set up alerts on a different basis. For example like, non-stops or stops, airports, price dips, time restrictions, etc.  

Before Google flights launched, you needed to check individual airlines websites for fares and third party website to look out for prices. However, after Google Flights started, things got a lot better in terms of finding cheap tickets.

Let's See How We Can Set Up A Google Flights Alert
● Open The browser on your Laptop or Smart Phone, search Google Flights on Google. Click on the Google flight search link.
● We start with the basics. Enter all the required details.  The first option is the Round trip or one-way trip.
● Select the origin city and arrival city.
● The number of travelers in passenger tab, whether its 1 or with children.
● Then, in which class, you want to travel - will it be economy or business? 
● Click on search.

When you click search, the results start coming out. If you want to refine your search, click on Sort by options. It will show you various options. There is an option of duration, departure time, arrival, and price. Now that, results have come, you need to look for the best prices. For tracking the expenses, there is an option on the upper left of Track prices. 

Enable it to track the prices, but you must have a Google account to track the costs.

How will I Receive Alerts for Tracking the Expenses?
After you create an alert, Google will start tracking the prices since Google does not keep the historical data of prices breakdown. You will receive fresh alerts and not from any past prices alerts.

To see the past prices, in Google flights, click on the menu at left. Open it, click on tracked flight prices and you can see the recent prices.

We hope This Guide will help you. 

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Is it Safe to Book a Flight Through Google Flights?

Traveling is a costly matter if you do not know the tricks and tips to bring your expenses down. Traveling through flights increase your costs while roaming. However, if you know the methods, the prices can go down, saving some money or spending them in other activities. One of the tricks is Book flights tickets through Google flights. If you can navigate through Google Flights, it will make the traveling enjoyable while saving the bucks.

The money saving feature of Google flights
You may think that Google flights are another website to book the tickets, but it is not the case. Google flights search make sure; the user gets what he/she is looking.

Google flights are super user-friendly; anyone can easily navigate through it. Visit Google flights, enter the travel dates, arrival, and departure cities. Select the number of passengers, then class.

Click on search; you will see the number of results for flights. There are numerous options to select, what kind of flying are you looking for?

Is it safe to Book Through Google flights?

Now unlike other travel booking website, Where they book your flight through their platform. What Google flight does it, they take your bookings directly to flight company; you wish to fly.

So, there are two significant benefits to these features. First, it is completely safe since you directly to the respective flight company. You can save third party booking charges. When you are directly booking through airlines, there is no way to doubt about safety, and you get a discount too.

So, what are the other benefits of Google Flights?

Benefits of Using Google Flights

Google flights search not only offers you the best deals; its pretty fast. Other traveling website needs new searches, if you try a different search, like another airport, or another date. However, Google flights beat all of it.  While other websites get slow in this process, but not Google flight. Another hidden feature is, every time you search, there is a possibility.
The prices will go up because of cookies and users history, but not on Google flight. You get the best deal right away. 

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Use Google Flights to Predict the Delay?

When your flight's gets delay, do you feel anger inside you? Don’t as you are travelling because of relevant work or to attend a meeting or a conference. It can be anything. However, as soon as your flights got delayed, your entire schedule gets to fall apart. 

However, is there any way of predicting flight delay? Here’s the answer: 

How Google Flights Made It Possible

If you are not aware, Google has a flight search engine, named as Google Flights. On Google flight, you can search for flights, scheduling, pricing, and many more things. 

However, Google has launched a new feature in their system. It can predict if a flight is going to delay. Yes, you read it right. Google have introduced a new feature that uses machine learning & data analysis, combined with artificial intelligence. With all these tools, Google flights can detect, if an air-plane is going to make it on time or not. 

Google Flights System, do data analysis based on historic scheduling records and machine learning with algorithms, to analyse historical data. It will even tell before the airlines if the flight is going to be delayed.

However, Google flight will only predict a delay if the system would be sure more than 80%. 

Use Google Voice Assistant to Predict the Delay

What else, you even don't have to type to find out if your flight is going to be delayed or not. For this, you need to use Google Voice Assistant. You merely ask a question, for example, like, 'hey, is my flight on time' or 'is the flight between JFK and Washington is going to delay’? The Voice assistant will undoubtedly give a satisfying answer.  If the flight is going to delay, you will certainly know it for sure. It can predict with 80% accuracy rate.

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