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Friday, 21 June 2019

How Do I Set Up Google Alerts for Cheap Flights?

If you are planning to fly somewhere in the future and you are looking for cheap tickets for different airlines; then it becomes a nightmare to find a reasonable flight ticket within your budget. You are continuously watching over the prices to go down; then there is the issue of the airport. What if the low price is not from your airport but a different near city.

All the problems and worries regarding finding cheap flights are over with Google flights alerts. It is a perfect way of monitoring the price tickets without looking over your shoulder. Google flights give you the option to set up alerts on a different basis. For example like, non-stops or stops, airports, price dips, time restrictions, etc.  

Before Google flights launched, you needed to check individual airlines websites for fares and third party website to look out for prices. However, after Google Flights started, things got a lot better in terms of finding cheap tickets.

Let's See How We Can Set Up A Google Flights Alert
● Open The browser on your Laptop or Smart Phone, search Google Flights on Google. Click on the Google flight search link.
● We start with the basics. Enter all the required details.  The first option is the Round trip or one-way trip.
● Select the origin city and arrival city.
● The number of travelers in passenger tab, whether its 1 or with children.
● Then, in which class, you want to travel - will it be economy or business? 
● Click on search.

When you click search, the results start coming out. If you want to refine your search, click on Sort by options. It will show you various options. There is an option of duration, departure time, arrival, and price. Now that, results have come, you need to look for the best prices. For tracking the expenses, there is an option on the upper left of Track prices. 

Enable it to track the prices, but you must have a Google account to track the costs.

How will I Receive Alerts for Tracking the Expenses?
After you create an alert, Google will start tracking the prices since Google does not keep the historical data of prices breakdown. You will receive fresh alerts and not from any past prices alerts.

To see the past prices, in Google flights, click on the menu at left. Open it, click on tracked flight prices and you can see the recent prices.

We hope This Guide will help you. 

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