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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Use Google Flights to Predict the Delay?

When your flight's gets delay, do you feel anger inside you? Don’t as you are travelling because of relevant work or to attend a meeting or a conference. It can be anything. However, as soon as your flights got delayed, your entire schedule gets to fall apart. 

However, is there any way of predicting flight delay? Here’s the answer: 

How Google Flights Made It Possible

If you are not aware, Google has a flight search engine, named as Google Flights. On Google flight, you can search for flights, scheduling, pricing, and many more things. 

However, Google has launched a new feature in their system. It can predict if a flight is going to delay. Yes, you read it right. Google have introduced a new feature that uses machine learning & data analysis, combined with artificial intelligence. With all these tools, Google flights can detect, if an air-plane is going to make it on time or not. 

Google Flights System, do data analysis based on historic scheduling records and machine learning with algorithms, to analyse historical data. It will even tell before the airlines if the flight is going to be delayed.

However, Google flight will only predict a delay if the system would be sure more than 80%. 

Use Google Voice Assistant to Predict the Delay

What else, you even don't have to type to find out if your flight is going to be delayed or not. For this, you need to use Google Voice Assistant. You merely ask a question, for example, like, 'hey, is my flight on time' or 'is the flight between JFK and Washington is going to delay’? The Voice assistant will undoubtedly give a satisfying answer.  If the flight is going to delay, you will certainly know it for sure. It can predict with 80% accuracy rate.

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