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Monday, 24 June 2019

Find Plane Tickets on Google Flights & Comparing with Expedia

Find Plane Tickets on Google Flights & Comparing with Expedia

Booking a plane ticket has become a tough thing these days.  There are hundreds and hundreds of platforms to compare the prices. Then there are travel agents, who promise you to get a good deal. However, what if we see for ourselves, how are we doing things.
So today, we will compare two major search engines for flights tickets.

Lets Begin.

We are comparing Google flights with Expedia.  The destination is from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The dates are from 07 July 2019 to 10 July 2019.

To open Google Flights, Go to and search Google Flights. Click on Google Flights to begin. Follow the same for, the number of passengers is one, and the class is the economy.  The trip is a round trip. The currency, we will use it is going to be an Indian currency. You can change when you begin your search.  
We begin the search. The results came as follows.

As we see in the result of this trip, The Google Flight gives us the lowest price of Rs12995, which is almost equal to $187 whereas Expedia gives up a cost of $199. When we do the math, id we book right now from Google Flight, we save up to $12. It is not much, but still Google Flights give us a cheap flight.

Advance Features in Both Flight Search Engine

Both Google and Expedia provide you plenty of option to filter your results to choose a flight according to your needs.  For example, they have stopped; airlines included arrival time, departure time.

However, here, Google Flights offer something extra which Expedia does not have. Its the price graph which Google Flights provide to get an overview of prices.

As this flight is set up for three days. Google flights give us a pretty good idea, what might be the price for the next few days. If the prices are down, you can change the travel schedule to get a much better deal.

Airport Adds Option

It's not just price graph; Google Flight gives you the option to add nearby airport in your travel. This way, you can add multiple cities. If you are planning a multi tour city.

Exploring the option on Expedia.

It's not that, Expedia is behind Google Flights. Google flight just has more simple features. As soon as I select the flights. On the return flight, it gave little detail of airlines benefits.

As you can see, for the return I am getting delta airlines recommendations. Below I get the list of benefits. Like seat choices, hand baggage, and many things.

So, what does this little comparison tell us, Both are good, but Google flights have merely more features than Expedia. I am hence making it a winner.

How to book a ticket from Google flights
Since we have come this far. Let's check out how to book the ticket from Google flights.
1. Fill all the details in Google flights, like this.

2. Click on search. You will get a result similar to this.

Now, click on the results, when you click,  a list of option will help come. Select your airlines; then another opportunity will come. Click on select; it will take your airlines website, pay, and tickets will get booked. 

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