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Monday, 29 July 2019

Google Flights: The ‘Explorer’ Feature

Google Flights have many features which are useful when you are planning for a trip and looking for some tips for traveling, e.g. Price alert, Tracking history, and showing the cheapest flights prices. However, there are other features as well to check if you want to know about a place. When we travel to a new destination, we want to know the reason to go to that particular place, what can we do there? So, for these things, there is a unique feature in Google Flights, known as an ‘Explorer’.

Here, we are going to explain, what are the things you can do with this feature.  It has many things, which will help you to have more information about a place, which you are going to visit.

What is in Google Flights Explorer? 

There are three main features in Explorer. We are going to cover them one by one.
1.      Travel Guide
2.      Things to Do
3.      Day plans

Travel Guide:

In Travel Guide, Google Flights introduces you to a City. Let’s take the example of Las Vegas. When You search for Las Vegas, first you are will see little introduction. It will tell you where, what and why in the city? That is, where in Las Vegas what a particular thing is famous and why is it so?

Things to Do

Then the  next option is ‘Things to Do,’ It explains in brief, where you can visit.  In the last section, It will tell you where you can book a hotel, if you are planning a trip.  There are Going to Videos and Articles related to the city. It also suggests you visit the nearby location if you have time.

In this section, Google Flights gives you a list of all the famous places in the City. Since we have taken the example of Las Vegas, it will show you where you can visit famous places, e.g. Las Vegas Strip, Luxor Hotel & Casino, etc. Since it is shown with a map, when you are searching for a specific location, you can book there as well.

Day Plans

It's a feature, especially for the busy traveler. Those are interested in visiting a city in one day; so they may not want to spend the time in exploring the place they just need to use this feature of Google Flights and start exploring the city by visiting it, that too in a day.

So, we can say Google prepares you fully before you opt for a trip. Just use these features of Google Flights and your trip will be smooth enough to save your time.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Google Flights: Plan Your Vacation in Seattle

Have you heard of Google Flights offering a cheap deal from Miami to Seattle? Want to know more about this deal let me explain it to you: on Google Flights page while you select your location as Miami and your destination as Seattle, it will show you many offers but you what you have keep in mind is that, this offer is in the coming month of October, 2019. So be careful while choosing this offer. Select your dates between 26th October, 2019 to 4th November, 2019. At this point the deal is applied and you get the prices as $238, which is usually high as $350.  Book this deal.

Now if you are in Seattle what Google advice you to do? Explore your destination.  Seattle, city in Pacific Northwest. The first thing to visit here is Futuristic Space Needle

Google Flights
Seattle Space Needle - Google Flights

Other best things to visit includes: Pike Place Market, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Center, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, Pioneer Square, Pacific Science Center, Gum Wall, etc etc and many more.

While you are on vacation you need to spend a lot of money. But as  search we get deals like this which saves a lot of money, so it is best to plan you vacation in advance and plan everything in advance.

And definitely if you are thinking of a family vacation Google Flights has given you a fantastic  deal, grab it and enjoy!

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Google Flights: Montreal to Charlotte in $247, Grab it Now!

If you are looking for a cheap deal in winter, look no further than Google Flights. We have got you a deal, which not only will save you some money. The date is away, so you do not have to worry about planning it. Do not worry; we will reveal the date as soon as well. Charlotte is the Right Place. If you are planning a vacation with your friends or family, you will enjoy this trip. Just follow the steps to get the deal. We hope you will enjoy it.

How to Get the Deal?

We start by going to Google Flights official website. On the website, do not put any details. First, decide whether you want to have a Round Trip or One-Way Trip. Then select the number of passengers. Then in which class, you desire to fly. The deal we are going to tell you is between Five and Eleven September 2019.  The price is going to be between $230 - $260. The reasonable prices would be between $344 to $400 for the same requirements.

Now, put Montreal in departure tab, Now click on search.  Now Google Flights will show you different places to explore. Some of them are expensive, some are not.  However, since we are looking for Charlotte, we will focus on it. Scroll down the list; you will see the name of the city. click on it. On the next page, it will show you the of the flights. Click on View Flights to go to the main page of bookings.

Now, you are going to see the full list of airlines for the route. You are going to choose two times for the outbound and inbound journey. Upon selecting it, google flights will show you now the platforms, from where you can book the tickets. Sometimes there are airlines official website; sometimes third-party travel booking website too is there.

We Would advise you to book directly from the airline's website. There would not be an extra charge regarding booking the tickets. From here select from which platform, you want to book the tickets. You need to follow the instructions from there. To book the tickets.

We hope you will enjoy your trip.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Deal Alert! Google Flights: Deal from San Diego to Jackson City

Going on vacation is always good for you and your self. Especially it includes saving some money on the trip. So, We have brought you a deal, which is Good On Your pocket. Jackson city is a great option to spend some quality time with your family or friends. It is a cheap deal, with dates away. So, you will have time to plan your trip. If you need to book hotels, Google Flights Search also have options for cheap hotels. We Hope You are going to enjoy the trip.

How to Book the Tickets

Just follow the step by step guide to book these tickets. We Start By visiting the Google Flights official site. You can either use your smartphone or your PC. There is no official App for it. So when you visit it, you can see the interface of flight search engine.  We begin with putting San Diego in the departure city name. Do not put anything into other name bars.

Just click on search. Do not worry; we are going to book tickets for Jackson city. Now it is showing you the different places to travel. However, we still are not able to see our final city. Now go to dates, you need to select a particular time. Currently, there are two options here, Specific dates & Flexible dates. For our trip, we need to use the flexible dates options. Choose August, then click on Done. You can select the time as well from the weekend, to 1 week and two weeks.

It shows the cities of the list with great discounts. One thing we need to do is to drag the price under $550 to reduce the list. Search Jackson city, and select it. The price should be between $270 to $300. The dates are between 22nd August, 2019 and 28th August, 2019. Upon clicking on the name, on the next page, click on View Flights.

google flights search
Google Flights Search

Now, a list of all flights is shown here. Choose the cheapest one. From here, click on the flights. Then google will redirect you to Airlines website to book the tickets.

So, this is the way to get this cheap deal. We hope you will enjoy your trip.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Let’s Know More About Google Flights

We use Google Flights Search for booking flights. There is other flight booking search engine as well. However, what makes Google Flights unique, its the features it provides for its users, its price tracking, able to see connecting airports features and other features makes it great. However, there are other features in it, which if you want to use, will make your travel easy in the future. Other benefits you get is to save on some money while traveling. We are going to explore some of those options. 

The Trips Option -  If you are someone who is planning to travel for multiple cities. This is another excellent feature. Here you can access all your history about the searches you have made.  You can not only see it but if you want, ‘continue planning’ is an option available. When you click on it, you will be able to book from where you left. So, why it is a great option, let's see you were about to book a ticket for a place, but you canceled the plan for some time or some reason.

Sometimes you can pick up from where you left it.  So, the low prices, you were getting, will be still present. This is the reason why this option is excellent.

The Explore Option - Below Trips, Explore options is excellent for those who want to seek information about a specific place. For example, if you search about Las Vegas. Now it will start showing you primarily three things:

  • A travel guide: in which you are going to see, what are the tourist attractions, places, when     to visit.
  • Blogs: about may be Las Vegas like where to go Las Vegas in one day, or ten things to do.
  • Things to Do: here you can see in detail, what are the activities you can do.
  • Day plans: in other words, it tells you what you can explore if you are in a place only for one  day. 

So, these are some of the features of Google Flights, which makes it unique of other flight search engine portal.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Cheap Flight from Seattle to Washington D.C Via Google Flights?

If you are planning to visit Washington, D.C in upcoming months, We have got a great deal for you.  This deal is in the month of August. A trip with the family will relax your mind and heart. You are giving you enough time to sooth your mood. Follow the step by step Guide to Book this cheap flight from Seattle via Google Flights Search.

Follow this:

  • Open on your PC. laptop or SmartPhone.
  • On the Search window, put the Departure city as Seattle.
  • Select the option for: Round trip or one-way trip for the upper left corner of the flight search window.
  • Next choose the no. of Passengers
  • Choose the any of the mentioned Class: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First Class 
  • Now click on Search. Don't worry Google Flight will show you all the possible destinations from Seattle.
  • Now to select our destination: "Washington", adjust the dates according to you for the month of August and then just scroll down your window to select your destination form the given below cities.
  • Click on Washington, D.C., Google Flights will show you now the possible fares and discounts for your trip. Usually the fare are between $250 to $400.
  • However, you are getting a cheap flight deal for only low at $196, and you should be aware of the fact; the prices are only for one passenger, does not include taxes. 
  • Now select the airline which suits you the best, click it.
  • Next will be the your Returning Flight, again select the best suited time and price for you.
  • Now Google will show you the summary of your searching and selecting procedure: Flights, dates & timing and the prices.
  • If required make changes according to you and book your tickets either at Google's Platform or at the respective Airline's platform.
  • Feed the necessary information, do the necessary payment and your tickets will be booked. 

After reaching Washington, D.C., first you should visit the home of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government, located on Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall. 

google flights search
Washington, DC-Capitol Building-Google Flights Search
There are other places like, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, The White House, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National Gallery of Art, International Spy Museum, and a lot more to see here. We are sure your visit to Washington DC will be memorable, if you are visiting it only and not living there. Still it is somewhere a good feeling to live int the Capitol, isn't it?

We hope this information will help you in understanding the procedure and you will enjoy booking your air ticket.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Google Flights Search: Best Deal from Baltimore to Miami in $186

Miami is the City of Beaches. The town is filled with famous beaches, South Beach, Virginia Key Beach, and Haulover Beach. Then after beaches, it is the architecture of the city. You can walk around these beaches; you will find skylines building as well as one-story houses. The colors will fill your eyes with amazement.  So, if you are planning a trip to Miami, we have got the best deal for you. It's a deal you are not going to miss, it's cheap, affordable and the dates are away so you can plan the trip. We will get this deal via Google Flights.

How to Get the Deal in Google Flights

Now, we are about to tell you to step by step process to get the deal. Just Follow it, and you will get your vacation.  Visit Google Flights Search on your browser.  When its official site is open, you can see the search Tab. We will start with whether it's going to be Round Way Trip or One-Way Trip.

Google Flights Search
The deal is for Round Way trip. After it, choose the number of Passengers, then next is to choose the class, you want to travel. Before proceeding, we should tell you, the price, $186 is for one passenger only and the class you are going to travel is Economy class. Now, let's resume. In the Departure city, put Baltimore and in the Return City put Miami. The dates for this trip are between August 26 And September 4, 2019. The time is away so that you can plan your trip in advance. Now click on search.

Now, you will see the list of all available flights. The cheapest flights should be naturally at the top. However, if you can not see it, go to sort by the option, Click on Price. Now Google Flights will show you the cheapest price flights. There is at least different airlines, so you have multiple choices. Select it, If for Outgoing flight, select again for the Return flights.

On the next page, click on select. You will be redirected to Airlines website. Follow the instructions there. Pay and your tickets from Baltimore to Miami are booked. We hope you will enjoy your trip.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Google Flights Search: Cheap Deals from Las Vegas to Houston

If you are planning to visit Space center based in Houston, we have got an excellent deal for you. If you are planning to visit with your family or friends, either way, you will get a Good deal. So, if you are planning in the next few weeks, this is a perfect place to spend your weekends.

Avail the Deal

We will start by visiting the Google Flights Search official page.  You can open it on your PC or your SmartPhone. After opening it, you can see the Search Tab. Right now, there are no official apps for Google Flights. So, we will begin with whether you want a Round Trip or One-Way Trip. Select it, then move on to Several Passengers. If you have kids and infants, It's better to select here to get a better View of price. Select in which class; you want to travel.

Now we will move to the city tab. In the Origin City tab, put Las Vegas and in the Arrival City put Houston. You can set the dates between 29th Aug, 2019 & 7th Sept, 2019. Click on Search.

Now Google Flights will show you different flights. Now, you may or may not get to see the lowest prices. Click on Sort By to choose the price. Now it will sort the prices from lowest to highest. Right now, the prices are $101 for a round trip, which is typically lower than $ 50, in standard situations.
When you choose a flight, You select the outbound flight.

You need to select again to select a return flight. After selecting, Google Flights will show various options from where you can book the flights. Sometimes, it's only the Airline's companies; sometimes, there is the third party involved as well. However, on the third party, the price would be increased. So, choose the Airline's website. It will redirect to the site, where you need to put all the traveler's information and then pay the amount to books the tickets. You can check the provided email to confirm the booking.  We hope this will help you.

Enjoy your trip! 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

From Chicago to Branson in $77

Taking a holiday once in a while is good for our health. We get to know a new place, meeting new people and experience a different culture. If you are planning a holiday, then this deal is ideal for you. You can get this via Google Flights Search, follow the steps described to book this deal.

How to get it?

Open the browser, Go to Google flights, You can use your PC or smartphone. There Is no dedicated app for Google flights. When you open the Google flight, Do not enter any details.

Go to departure city tab, enter Chicago. Just click on Search flights. Now Google flights will continue exploration tab, where you can see the different places. You can go for a low price. Since we need to select the Branson city, go on the price tab, drag it down to under $100. Now Google flights will show you the list of all available flights under $100.

Go the last; You will see Branson. Click on it to select it. The dates for this trip are between September 21 and September 28.

Now click on view flights. Google flights will show you the list of available trips. Select the flight. When you choose the first time, You select the outbound flights, Then again picking, You will select return flights.

After selecting the flights, Google flights will redirect you the airline's site, where it will first ask you to provide passengers information, then You will get redirected to the payment page. Here pay the cost, and your tickets will get booked.

Here are things you need to remember, IF you change the date, The price may vary. The price shown here is for only one passenger without any baggage fee.  When you add passengers and baggage, the costs will be different from the original price. The google flights do not include government taxes, so on the final price, it will be added. However, if you are using a  frequent flier program, you could use it to get additional benefits.

So, this was information regarding Google flights cheap deal. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

How to Reach Long Beach in $79 from Las Vegas with Google Flights

Long Beach is a coastal city in California. If you are planning a weekend holiday with family or planning some alone time for yourself, it’s a perfect destination for you. However it is an expensive flight trip, but sometimes, we can get a cheap deal if we keep looking for a good prices. To get this deal, you need to fly between 25 July to 29 July, 2019. 

How to Get the Deal 

To get this cheap deal, you just need to go to Google Flights Search. First, open your browser, search for Google Flights. Now when you are on search results, click on the first result. 

Now Google Flights is open. Enter your type of trip, whether it's a round trip or one-way trip. Then the number of passengers. You need to remember the price we told you is for one person only. If you have children, adjust the number of passengers for a different fare. Type the name Las Vegas in departure city and Long Beach in arrival city. The dates are going to be between 25 July and 29 July.

Click on search. You will get the list of cheap flights on the top. If you are not getting the list, click on sort by to choose the option of price. It will show you now the cheapest flights. Select the cheapest one. Now select the flight, if you are choosing a return flight as well. You need to click two times to book the tickets. 

After it, Google Flights will redirect you to Respective airlines website to book the tickets. On their page, provide the required information, pay for the tickets. Before paying, make sure to check the final prices. Sometimes airlines companies put extra charges on their final expenses. So be aware of them. The baggage price may be different from what shown on Google Flights. When you pay, your tickets are booked for long beach. 

Long Beach is a lovely place and we hope you will love it too!

Monday, 8 July 2019

Los Angeles to Las Vegas in $89 via Google Flights

Google Flights Search has always been at the front of getting cheap deals.  One can always try to bring to the most affordable deals from Google Flights for weekends. So, for today’s deal, we have got a weekend’s cheap deal for you. The trip hails from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Finding the Deal  in Google Flights

Finding good deals on Google Flights is not an easy thing. Since flight prices change from time to time, so you need to keep an eye for a lower price. Let's start by going to Google Flights website.

 Now you are on Google Flights Search page. In the Departure City put Los Angeles. The Arrival city is Las Vegas. On the date, set it between 1 August and 15 August.  Click on search. Google flights will now show you the list of flights.

You will find the prices down as $89, if not, click on option Sort by, choose the price. Now it will show you the prices. The average prices range between $120 and $180.

However, for this trip, you get a low price. Select the flight; It will take you the airlines website to book the tickets. On the site, you need to fill the information. Then pay the booking amount and your tickets will gets booked. You need to remember one thing: the price does not include baggage cost and is only for one passenger. So if you are traveling with your family, the cost will rise.  

Exploring Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Dreamland of the U.S. There are many things which attract millions of tourists from around the world.

Google Flights Search
You can start your Las Vegas tour by visiting the Strip. It is a 4.2-mile long boulevard, from northeast to southwest and is considered to be most expensive. It has many entertainment places, fine dining places, plenty of adventures etc. to keep you busy.

After this, if you want to go to on heights, you can take a ride in a helicopter for a marvelous view of Las Vegas. Visiting Grand Canyon is another excellent option.

So, this is the deal for Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We hope you will enjoy the trip.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Four Unique Features of Google Flights

Google Flights Search is a famous flight search engine among travel websites. There are many travel search engines available on the internet, but there are few features, which makes them unique on the internet. So, we are going to tell you about the four functions of Google flight, which you can use to find the cheapest tickets for your flights.

1. Track Prices

This is the most popular feature of Google Flights. When you are searching for a plane on Google Flight, you can track the prices of individual trip. For doing this, open Google Flights, when you search for a flight, you can see the option of enabling the tracking. Just Right click it and it swipes to get the feature.

Now, every time there is high or low in the price, Google will send you an alert. However you won’t get the alerts every day, but frequently get the reminder.  You can set an unlimited number of alerts on it. However, you need a Gmail account to track the prices.

2. Date Grid 

Now, this is the second great feature of Google Flight. Use the date grid to understand the prices. When you search, Google automatically searches for cheaper dates based on historical data.  The dates are presented in a row and column.  When the dates are cheapest in rates, it's in green and when the prices are higher, they are shown in ‘red.

If you are flexible in those travel dates, scroll down or up to see the costs.

3. Price Graph

Price graph is a terrific tool to use when you want to travel for a longer period. On the price graph, adjust the dates to see the prices. They will fluctuate according to airlines prices. You do not always get the lowest prices for a longer period.

4. Airports

While traveling to any place, one can see the nearby airports with the prices. It may be up or down. Alternatively, you can add the airport if you are planning to travel to multiple cities. It saves you money and the problem of booking again.

So, these were the four amazing features of Google Flights. Just you use them to find the cheapest air tickets for your journey

Friday, 5 July 2019

Why Google Flights Search is Better?

Google Flights has become favorite tool for travelers. Its features are straightforward to use, compared to other flight booking websites. Here we will describe few features to understand why Google flight is better than most.

Tracking the Prices to Get the Lowest Price

The lines are self-explanatory. Google Flights Search gives you the option to track the prices of your destination. This feature is beneficial when you need to fly that destination where the prices are high. By keeping the tracking, you will exactly at that time, when there is a sale going on, could book the tickets.

To enable Price Tracking feature is effortless. Go to Google Flights. Put all the information: departure city, arrival city, date, and several passengers. Now click on search. When you see the list, on the left side, an option of track price will appear. Just enable it. However, you will need a Gmail account to track it.

Exploring Destinations

Many of us several times, want to go to exotic locations. However, the flight prices are so high that it becomes costly to book the tickets. Yet, Google Flights is one of the way of getting a low cost for unknown destinations. Follow the steps to get exploring a destination: open Google Flights. Put the departure city date and number of passengers, but do not put anything into arrival city Tab.

Just click on Search. Now Google Flight will search for the destination. Sometimes Google Flights will show you the cheapest destinations. Sometimes you need to search which destination is affordable. So, by this trick, you get to know which places are more economical.

Since you can adjust the dates, it's easier to find cheap places. If you are hoping lower prices for the same place, enable price tracking to get alerts in the future.

What if My Flight Gets Delayed?

There is another fantastic feature. If your flight is frequent late from scheduled departure, Google Flight will notify you about the delay. It's an important feature when you want to book a flight through certain airlines.

So, these are the amazing features of Google Flights. Hope this information will help you.

Thanks for reading.  

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Great Deal on San Francisco from Google Flights

Google Flights always tries to give us the best deals on popular locations. The latest location, which dragged the attention of Google Flights Search Engine is San Francisco. The flight is from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

How to Avail the Offer

To get the offer follow the steps: 

First go to Google Flight. On the homepage, you get the interface. Fill the necessary information in boxes, whether you want to get a Round trip or One-Way trip. Then the number of passengers. Then select the class.  Fill the departure and arrival cities.

The offer provided by Google Flights is from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Fill the dates between July 17 and July 21.

Now click on search to get the flights results. You will get a list of available flights. Since this is an offer, you will already see the lowest price.  Select the cheapest one according to your choice.

Now when you select the flight, you will be redirected to respected airlines website, where you can continue to book the tickets. After seeing the final price, Then airlines website will ask you to fill the necessary information.

When you fill out the information,  go the next page, which will be the payment page.  Pay and your tickets are booked for your next holiday trip.

Top  Things to See in San Francisco

The first thing to see in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is the world's largest suspension bridge in the world. One of the finest creations of human mind. You will get amazed by its sheer view.  

Google Flights Search
Golden Gate Bridge
If you ever planned to visit a prison, then Alcatraz is the perfect place for you. Once a famous prison, now it has been converted as a tourist site. You can visit it via ferry only.

Then if you are a history buff, take a ride in a cable car ride. It's only available in a few places, so make sure to get the necessary information about it.

Enjoy Your Trip!

We hope you will enjoy the trip. To check more offers and updates, check our blog. As soon as we get more from Google Flights, we provide you more & more offers!   

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