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Monday, 8 July 2019

Los Angeles to Las Vegas in $89 via Google Flights

Google Flights Search has always been at the front of getting cheap deals.  One can always try to bring to the most affordable deals from Google Flights for weekends. So, for today’s deal, we have got a weekend’s cheap deal for you. The trip hails from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Finding the Deal  in Google Flights

Finding good deals on Google Flights is not an easy thing. Since flight prices change from time to time, so you need to keep an eye for a lower price. Let's start by going to Google Flights website.

 Now you are on Google Flights Search page. In the Departure City put Los Angeles. The Arrival city is Las Vegas. On the date, set it between 1 August and 15 August.  Click on search. Google flights will now show you the list of flights.

You will find the prices down as $89, if not, click on option Sort by, choose the price. Now it will show you the prices. The average prices range between $120 and $180.

However, for this trip, you get a low price. Select the flight; It will take you the airlines website to book the tickets. On the site, you need to fill the information. Then pay the booking amount and your tickets will gets booked. You need to remember one thing: the price does not include baggage cost and is only for one passenger. So if you are traveling with your family, the cost will rise.  

Exploring Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Dreamland of the U.S. There are many things which attract millions of tourists from around the world.

Google Flights Search
You can start your Las Vegas tour by visiting the Strip. It is a 4.2-mile long boulevard, from northeast to southwest and is considered to be most expensive. It has many entertainment places, fine dining places, plenty of adventures etc. to keep you busy.

After this, if you want to go to on heights, you can take a ride in a helicopter for a marvelous view of Las Vegas. Visiting Grand Canyon is another excellent option.

So, this is the deal for Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We hope you will enjoy the trip.

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