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Monday, 22 July 2019

Deal Alert! Google Flights: Deal from San Diego to Jackson City

Going on vacation is always good for you and your self. Especially it includes saving some money on the trip. So, We have brought you a deal, which is Good On Your pocket. Jackson city is a great option to spend some quality time with your family or friends. It is a cheap deal, with dates away. So, you will have time to plan your trip. If you need to book hotels, Google Flights Search also have options for cheap hotels. We Hope You are going to enjoy the trip.

How to Book the Tickets

Just follow the step by step guide to book these tickets. We Start By visiting the Google Flights official site. You can either use your smartphone or your PC. There is no official App for it. So when you visit it, you can see the interface of flight search engine.  We begin with putting San Diego in the departure city name. Do not put anything into other name bars.

Just click on search. Do not worry; we are going to book tickets for Jackson city. Now it is showing you the different places to travel. However, we still are not able to see our final city. Now go to dates, you need to select a particular time. Currently, there are two options here, Specific dates & Flexible dates. For our trip, we need to use the flexible dates options. Choose August, then click on Done. You can select the time as well from the weekend, to 1 week and two weeks.

It shows the cities of the list with great discounts. One thing we need to do is to drag the price under $550 to reduce the list. Search Jackson city, and select it. The price should be between $270 to $300. The dates are between 22nd August, 2019 and 28th August, 2019. Upon clicking on the name, on the next page, click on View Flights.

google flights search
Google Flights Search

Now, a list of all flights is shown here. Choose the cheapest one. From here, click on the flights. Then google will redirect you to Airlines website to book the tickets.

So, this is the way to get this cheap deal. We hope you will enjoy your trip.

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