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Friday, 5 July 2019

Why Google Flights Search is Better?

Google Flights has become favorite tool for travelers. Its features are straightforward to use, compared to other flight booking websites. Here we will describe few features to understand why Google flight is better than most.

Tracking the Prices to Get the Lowest Price

The lines are self-explanatory. Google Flights Search gives you the option to track the prices of your destination. This feature is beneficial when you need to fly that destination where the prices are high. By keeping the tracking, you will exactly at that time, when there is a sale going on, could book the tickets.

To enable Price Tracking feature is effortless. Go to Google Flights. Put all the information: departure city, arrival city, date, and several passengers. Now click on search. When you see the list, on the left side, an option of track price will appear. Just enable it. However, you will need a Gmail account to track it.

Exploring Destinations

Many of us several times, want to go to exotic locations. However, the flight prices are so high that it becomes costly to book the tickets. Yet, Google Flights is one of the way of getting a low cost for unknown destinations. Follow the steps to get exploring a destination: open Google Flights. Put the departure city date and number of passengers, but do not put anything into arrival city Tab.

Just click on Search. Now Google Flight will search for the destination. Sometimes Google Flights will show you the cheapest destinations. Sometimes you need to search which destination is affordable. So, by this trick, you get to know which places are more economical.

Since you can adjust the dates, it's easier to find cheap places. If you are hoping lower prices for the same place, enable price tracking to get alerts in the future.

What if My Flight Gets Delayed?

There is another fantastic feature. If your flight is frequent late from scheduled departure, Google Flight will notify you about the delay. It's an important feature when you want to book a flight through certain airlines.

So, these are the amazing features of Google Flights. Hope this information will help you.

Thanks for reading.  

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