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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Let’s Know More About Google Flights

We use Google Flights Search for booking flights. There is other flight booking search engine as well. However, what makes Google Flights unique, its the features it provides for its users, its price tracking, able to see connecting airports features and other features makes it great. However, there are other features in it, which if you want to use, will make your travel easy in the future. Other benefits you get is to save on some money while traveling. We are going to explore some of those options. 

The Trips Option -  If you are someone who is planning to travel for multiple cities. This is another excellent feature. Here you can access all your history about the searches you have made.  You can not only see it but if you want, ‘continue planning’ is an option available. When you click on it, you will be able to book from where you left. So, why it is a great option, let's see you were about to book a ticket for a place, but you canceled the plan for some time or some reason.

Sometimes you can pick up from where you left it.  So, the low prices, you were getting, will be still present. This is the reason why this option is excellent.

The Explore Option - Below Trips, Explore options is excellent for those who want to seek information about a specific place. For example, if you search about Las Vegas. Now it will start showing you primarily three things:

  • A travel guide: in which you are going to see, what are the tourist attractions, places, when     to visit.
  • Blogs: about may be Las Vegas like where to go Las Vegas in one day, or ten things to do.
  • Things to Do: here you can see in detail, what are the activities you can do.
  • Day plans: in other words, it tells you what you can explore if you are in a place only for one  day. 

So, these are some of the features of Google Flights, which makes it unique of other flight search engine portal.

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