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Monday, 29 July 2019

Google Flights: The ‘Explorer’ Feature

Google Flights have many features which are useful when you are planning for a trip and looking for some tips for traveling, e.g. Price alert, Tracking history, and showing the cheapest flights prices. However, there are other features as well to check if you want to know about a place. When we travel to a new destination, we want to know the reason to go to that particular place, what can we do there? So, for these things, there is a unique feature in Google Flights, known as an ‘Explorer’.

Here, we are going to explain, what are the things you can do with this feature.  It has many things, which will help you to have more information about a place, which you are going to visit.

What is in Google Flights Explorer? 

There are three main features in Explorer. We are going to cover them one by one.
1.      Travel Guide
2.      Things to Do
3.      Day plans

Travel Guide:

In Travel Guide, Google Flights introduces you to a City. Let’s take the example of Las Vegas. When You search for Las Vegas, first you are will see little introduction. It will tell you where, what and why in the city? That is, where in Las Vegas what a particular thing is famous and why is it so?

Things to Do

Then the  next option is ‘Things to Do,’ It explains in brief, where you can visit.  In the last section, It will tell you where you can book a hotel, if you are planning a trip.  There are Going to Videos and Articles related to the city. It also suggests you visit the nearby location if you have time.

In this section, Google Flights gives you a list of all the famous places in the City. Since we have taken the example of Las Vegas, it will show you where you can visit famous places, e.g. Las Vegas Strip, Luxor Hotel & Casino, etc. Since it is shown with a map, when you are searching for a specific location, you can book there as well.

Day Plans

It's a feature, especially for the busy traveler. Those are interested in visiting a city in one day; so they may not want to spend the time in exploring the place they just need to use this feature of Google Flights and start exploring the city by visiting it, that too in a day.

So, we can say Google prepares you fully before you opt for a trip. Just use these features of Google Flights and your trip will be smooth enough to save your time.

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