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Friday, 2 August 2019

Denver to Los Angeles: Cheap Flight Deal from Google Flights

If you have plans to visit Los Angeles in October, 2019 to see the upcoming events there, we have got a perfect cheaper flight deal for you from Google Flights. If you are living in Denver and want to attend these events, then this deal is definitely for you.

Whether you want to attend a Ballet Dance Festival or a Food Fest, Los Angeles is always welcoming you to enjoy the new experience. Just follow our step by step guide; you will get this deal quickly. You do not need to apply any coupon code or enter into a contest.

Avail the Deal from Google Flights

There are tons of features In Google Flights, which if you use,  you will find cheap deals. We are going to use one of those features. You begin the process by visiting Google Flights official site. Then on the website, you see the flight search engine. It is similar to other flight booking site, so you should not face any issues with it.

Now, type Denver in Departure Option.  Do not put anything into arrival city or on a date. We will cover it later. If you are planning to travel with family, we will include it then. Now putting the name. Click on the map, in the lower corner.

You will see Los Angeles on the top. The dates are between 3rd October, 2019 and 12th October, 2019. The average fare for this trip is between $120 and $150 for economy class. However, right now, you are getting this deal for $99. This is what Google Flights do well, Finding you the cheap fares.

Now, click on it, Then choose View Flights. Here you get the list of all flights. They are all departing flights since we have chosen a round trip, For the arrival, the first choice departing and arriving flights.

Now, you can change the number of passengers. From here, the prices will vary.

Again click upon, you need to select the returning flights. Since there is three booking option in the Delta, on the last page, you will get to choose them. It's your wish to do it. From here follow, and your tickets will get booked.

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