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Friday, 9 August 2019

Google Flights: Seattle to Phoenix Trip Deal

If you are planning for the winter trip, then we have got a perfect cheap deal for you from Google Flights. We will tell you how to get this deal, what the dates, and how exactly cheap are they? Whether you want to take a holiday with your family or you need to fly out for a business deal. Anyway, this deal is cheap. Just follow the steps by steps Guide, we are going to describe, and you will book the tickets

Get the Deal from Google Flights?

So, first, go to Google Flights website. On the site, you can see the flight search engine interface — type Seattle in departure city option. Now click on the map. Here On the second page, you can see the Phoenix option. Here are three things you can see here. First is to check the date, which is between  14 November and 20 November 2019. 

The second thing is to notice is the fare for the trip. The average fare would be around $200, But you are getting the cheap deal at $100. The third point is the notice the time for flying, which is about three hours. Now click on it then on the next page, click on view flights.

On the page, you see the names of the airlines, timing, and fares. The airlines for these routes are Spirit Airlines Reservations, Delta Airlines Reservations and American Airlines Reservations. However, Spirit Airlines will charge you extra for baggage. You can change the number of passengers here to see what is going to be the final fare for your trip.
Choose the airlines of your preferences, and click on them. You need to choose the flights two times. First is for departure and the second is for returning.

When you select both of it, Google Flights will redirect you the third party site to book the tickets. It can be either the airline's website, which won't charge you extra. However, if redirect you to a third-party travel booking site, then there will be some fee.

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