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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Experiencing Improved Google Flights with ‘Price Guarantee’ Feature

You must know about the latest update from Google Flights. Google has introduced a new feature called ‘Price Guarantee’, for a limited time period, according to which flights tickets booked through Google Flights will get a refund if they find that the cost of the flight they have booked is now slashed and is available at cheaper price. Google will refund the difference amount.

However, this facility is available only for some time period, from 13th August, 2019 to 2nd September, 2019. But we always know and this is how Google tells us, that it always want its users to be satisfied with the services it provides.

Through Google Flights, it provides us the ‘best price’ for our various travel itineraries. You can track prices for a flight or particular route. It notifies us that for a route prices are going changes. Whether likely to go up or current fare expressing soon, etc. it provides full insights about prices.

Google Flights
Price Guarantee: Google Flights

Now let’s talk about the ‘Price Guarantee feature, this feature is applicable on only for some selected flights and itineraries. But not to worry for your booked flight if the prices go down before your flights takes off, Google will itself notifies you, and you don’t have to bother about it.

Apart from this, Google also assists you in making your travel more budget friendly and full enjoyable. It tell you everything about a place, the nearby airports, hotels, place for visits, everything. Just book your flights using Google Flights and take full advantage of this ‘Price Guarantee’ feature before it takes off.

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