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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Have You Tried the Hotel Feature of Google Flights? – Here You Go…

Finding a cheap flight deal in Google Flights is an art. You have to adjust the dates, seeing if at the nearby airports. There are many ways of doing it. However, booking a hotel on Google Flights takes another skill level. So, in the post, we are going to tell you everything about ‘Hotel’ Feature. Why It is an excellent platform to look for hotels. Next time, you are traveling, for hotels, make sure to view it on Google Flights.

 Steps in Google Flights to Find a Hotel:

The first thing, how to access the hotel option. It is easy; you go to Google Flights official site. From there click the menu, you will see the option of Hotels. Click on it. A new page will open. On the homepage, there will be three things. First is the location where you want to book the hotel. Then the option for choosing the dates. In the end, the number of people who are going to stay.

Google Flights
Hotels by Google Flights

Enter the name of the City, then Dates & the Number of People. It will automatically search the places for hotels. Before doing anything, zoom in the map, if you want to stay in a specific location. It will show only those hotels from the area. On the interface, there are many things.

The first thing is to choose a Budget. Drag the price down to the cost which you have chosen. There are some handy filters you can use to find the best hotel as per your need and budget. You do not need to find deals, as it will appear automatically on the hotel name.     

Now, let's say you have chosen a hotel. Google Flights will apply five different conditions to determine a hotel. There are an overview, prices, reviews, location and photos. All the information required to understand the place is provided on this page. For example, if you want to read about reviews from real people who have stayed here. You choose to review. Please read them. You can get an idea about the place.

So, this is the ‘Hotel’ feature in Google Flights. Enjoy your hassle free booking with Google Flights with all its features.

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