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Friday, 16 August 2019

How to Search & Book Flights on Google Flights?

Google Flights have become a favorite of travelers. Whether you want to see the latest prices of a route or track prices of a particular trip, there are so many things you can do in Google Flights. However, we wanted to explain the simple things first. For example, what is the process of searching for a trip and booking? So, we are going to tell you about these things. We will also explain how you can travel for cheap with the help of Google flights. Just follow the instructions.

Steps on Google Flights:

We begin by going to Google Flights site. On the website, you can see the search interface. We first choose either it is going to be a Round Trip or One-Way Trip. Google Flights also have the option for Multi-City option, in case you are planning for a long journey.  Then choose the number of passengers. There are three categories in it. Adults, Children, and infants.

Google Flights
Google Flights Search Interface

Choose in which class you want to fly. Most of the cheap flight's deals options we see is for Economy classes. After doing it, enter the name of the city from where you will take the trip. Then the name of the city where you are going. Choose the dates. Then click on search.

Now, Google Flights begin to show you the list of all available flights. Here four options will help you to find a better deal for your trip. First is track prices, which allows you to track the latest prices for the route you want. Drag it right and it will be enabled. Every time there is a change in the price, Google Flights will send you an alert about it. Second is the date grid, which can tell you if, on the other dates, the prices are lower. So, if you are flexible about travel dates, you can save some money.

The third is Price graph, which tells you about the historic price trend for the chosen dates. The fourth is Nearby Airports to see if the airfare are different at other airports in the same city.

Now, choose the flights, Google Flights will send you on the other site for completing the booking process.

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