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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Why the Hotel Option of Google Flights is Best Among its Competitors?

You may be wandering about this question because you may be thinking Google Flights is a website for searching flights. However, trust us, it is one of the most elegant platforms to look for a hotel. The interface is so clean, even someone who is using it for the first time can get around it.

However, this blog is for both users, who are using it for some time or the complete beginner. We are sure after reading it, you won't use Google Flights only for flights, but for hotel booking as well. Now we should begin.

Using the Hotels Option in Google Flights

Accessing it is easy. There are two ways of doing it. First is through Google Search Engine. When you type a name of place with hotel booking, you can access the booking portal directly from there. Click on View Hotel in below to visit the page.

Google Flights
Hotels by Google Flights

The second way is to visit the Google Flights website. You can see the Hotel option from the menu. You need to enter the name of the Place, then Dates. Lastly, enter the Number of Guests.There are many filters to use. You can start by choosing a Price Range. Then there is Guest Rating, Brands and the Hotel Class.

If you want to see the Deals on Hotels, click on ‘More Filters’ there is an option of Just Deals Option. Click on it. Now Google Flights will show you only those hotels, which are having deals in your chosen date.

If you want a specific service in the hotel, use the amenities filter. It has options like Fitness Center, Bar and Pet-Friendly environment. Now, we will focus on Hotel details.

Google Flights have given five different options. They are Overview, Prices, Reviews, Photos, and Locations. In Overview you can the Official Hotel’s Website, what are the directions, etc. Since Google Flights are only an aggregator, you will find various third party booking sites to book. In prices, you can see the cost and compare them.

There are reviews from people who have already stayed there. So, before you book it, you can have an idea about it.

So, that’s it. We are sure it will help you when you want to book a Hotel next time. Do not forget to say thanks to Google Flights.

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