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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

How to Reach Long Beach in $79 from Las Vegas with Google Flights

Long Beach is a coastal city in California. If you are planning a weekend holiday with family or planning some alone time for yourself, it’s a perfect destination for you. However it is an expensive flight trip, but sometimes, we can get a cheap deal if we keep looking for a good prices. To get this deal, you need to fly between 25 July to 29 July, 2019. 

How to Get the Deal 

To get this cheap deal, you just need to go to Google Flights Search. First, open your browser, search for Google Flights. Now when you are on search results, click on the first result. 

Now Google Flights is open. Enter your type of trip, whether it's a round trip or one-way trip. Then the number of passengers. You need to remember the price we told you is for one person only. If you have children, adjust the number of passengers for a different fare. Type the name Las Vegas in departure city and Long Beach in arrival city. The dates are going to be between 25 July and 29 July.

Click on search. You will get the list of cheap flights on the top. If you are not getting the list, click on sort by to choose the option of price. It will show you now the cheapest flights. Select the cheapest one. Now select the flight, if you are choosing a return flight as well. You need to click two times to book the tickets. 

After it, Google Flights will redirect you to Respective airlines website to book the tickets. On their page, provide the required information, pay for the tickets. Before paying, make sure to check the final prices. Sometimes airlines companies put extra charges on their final expenses. So be aware of them. The baggage price may be different from what shown on Google Flights. When you pay, your tickets are booked for long beach. 

Long Beach is a lovely place and we hope you will love it too!

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