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Monday, 2 September 2019

4 Ways to Use Google Flights to Save Money

Booking a flight is a travelers nightmare. How we know that? We know it through the e-mails we get form the travelers, talking about the process of flight booking and the high Pricing. Generally they do not know whether a airfare mentioned on the website is really a cheap flight deal or not? As soon as they look on to other websites, either the airfare is really high or sometimes really down. So, to the clear view on this matter, we are going to tell you some tips about Google Flights, which you can use to determine whether the flight deal is really cheap or not.

These four ways are:
       Price Tips
       Setting Fare Alerts
       Choosing Routes

Google flights
Google Flights By Google

Price Tips:
Google Flights aggregate flight prices. It means it does not give offers on its own. Instead, collects them from the sources around the world. These sources are Airlines and their travel partners. When you are on the airline's website, it shows a short note. It tells whether the price is low or high.

Setting Fare Alert:
This is one of the easiest ways to save money on your next flight. When you are searching for flights on Google Flights, there you can see the option of fare alerts. Do it; they will send you new  price alerts every time, when  there is a change in it. The only condition  to receive these updates is to have a Gmail account.

Choosing Routes:
Well this is not an exact way of saving money, but visiting a place without spending another dime. When you are browsing your trip, look for what other destination you can visit via airport feature. It will tell you what other airports have cheap airfare. So if they are cheap than your primary airports, choose it. Otherwise it's fine. Like we said before, you don't have to spend your money.
Here is the most excellent tip we are going to give you in Google Flights. If you are willing to go anywhere in the world, then this is an option for you. It is called Explore destination feature. Go to the website, there choose your Departure city, then click on the map. You will see various destinations to explore.

So, try these four options to save your money and book your ticket without any hassle and feel free from nightmares of flight booking.

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